KJU Swimwear

KJU is a brand that promises beach lovers to always go-in-style and stand-out from the crowd. Whether it’s beach dates, activities or vacations, our slim-fit “feel good” swim shorts will give you the ultimate downtown cool, uptown chic touch leaving you more confident in braving the waves literally & metaphorically!

Vibrant Shades & Patterns

KJU swimwear collections is all about turning heads and making waves at the beach. Enjoy our eclectic fashion-forward swimwear with its different boho, floral & tribal prints, colors and so much more.

Slim fit, Quick-dry & Lightweight

With a silhouette designed for any body type and a soft inner mesh lining for support, you can rely on KJU swimwear to hold up like a champ! KJU swimwear’s breathable & high performance fabric ensures your swim shorts dry quick and gives you the feeling that you’re barely wearing anything.

KJU Swimwear also protects against harmful UV rays (UPF 40) and is chlorine & sea-salt resistant.

Environment Sustainability

We take care of every detail, because details make the difference. We love and respect nature and therefore we use sustainable as well as reusable materials in our packaging such as corrugated cardboard. We love the idea that these items can have a second life by your side.


KJU swimwear swim shorts for men